Unknown Facts About SEO Check

The phrase “search engine optimization” can make even grown men break out in cold sweat. It’s one of those topics that no one seems to grasp and that experts are hesitant to explain. Fear not, for your shining armour-clad knight(ess) is on the way to save the day. There are five fast SEO tests you can perform right now. Open a new browser window and navigate to your website.

Are you prepared?

First and foremost, let’s get this over with. Let’s take a look at the layout of your website:

  1. Appearances aren’t anything

Take a look at your website (this is particularly important for custom-built website owners): does it look flashy and full of stunning photos that make you proud?

The issue with custom builds is that, in some cases, aesthetics trump SEO, especially if you’ve been seduced by flash. Yes, it looks great, but unless there’s some kind of magic going on in the background coding, it’s not going to help your SEO in the least. Template websites (like those built on the Word Press platform) are more SEO friendly right out of the gate.

  1. Keyphrases

Remember, this is a post about basic SEO tests, so I’m not going to go into detail about keyword analysis. Take a moment to write down the top three words you’d use to find your website in a Google search.

For example, to include a geographical tag, I would choose copywriter, freelance copywriter, and probably Suffolk copywriter. After that, ask a friend or colleague to do the same, or as many people as you want, and you’ll end up with a list of keywords. You do not consider this to be very scientific, but it will provide you with keywords that real people will use to find you.